m_c_mize (m_c_mize) wrote in altdad,


Name/Nick: Matthew
Age: 26
So, what about the kid(s)?: Stepson - 5 yrs., One on the way - approx. 2 months
Work Outside Home/Stay At Home/Work At Home: Work for the Mid-MO Humane Society Animal Shelter
Hobbies/Interests: I just bought my first home, so my biggest free-time activity recently is home improvement.
Anything else?: My mate and I are in a master/pet bdsm relationship. Granted... with her being 2 months pregnant there hasn't been much of that going on lately. Hormone fluctuations will ruin a perfectly good pet.

I'm joining this community in the hope that some of you guys that have been there before can help talk me through some of the pregnancy issues. Advice and encouragement are definitely welcome. Honestly, I feel like I need all of the help I can get. I'll probably have some questions as to how to handle the stepson too.
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