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Name/Nick: Bob/Rodger

Age: 27

So, what about the kid(s)?: a boy in about 1 1/2 months

Work Outside Home/Stay At Home/Work At Home: Stay At Home

Hobbies/Interests: furry, computers, camping, outdoors, bi, cars, herbs, cooking, sleeping, GTA

Anything else?: Just a fellow traveler on the road of life, trying to figure out which forks in the road i should take. I'm not the best at talking to people, but when poked I normally answer, I'm also the moderator of this group. I believe in free speech but I will delete anything too inflammatory or making fun of others, if you have a problem feel free to drop me personally a line, not on the group.

I'm a first time dad, so any advise would be appreciated. I'm also up for chatting with people, so if you want to get a hold of me for more real time chat feel free to, i tend to hide thou, so just message, if i'm here, i'll message back, if not i'll send one back when i get back. I'm normally found on yahoo or ICQ, but have been known to show up on Aim often, although normally invisible. You can also reach me through LJ and E-Mail, all my contact info is on my user page.
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