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not just another fifty cent word.
i'm a father of three
my oldest daughter is step, 9 years old, wonderful, tomboy, curtain climber
my second daughter is 6, elaborate, intricate, madly feminine
my youngest daughter is 2, effusive, sensitive, empathetic
i am 31, sell chevy/cadillac parts at a dealership
i skate occasionally, bike occasionally, sometimes spraypaint artist
am a recent home owner(ie.busy),live in west olympia(promised land)
my wife of 8 years is 29,barista, great cook, inspiration
i vacation on the 8 pegan holidays,
like reading and studying philosophy, mythology,
science fiction, and am a plant lover.
i look forward to meeting some of you through this community.
if there is anything i can offer, i will, if anyone wants to connect, drop a comment.
we're all busy, i'm sure, but i bet we can whup this thing up into more than a once a month affair.
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